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Booking Guidelines for the PLI


The PLI venue is available for professional learning delivery by:

  1. All Department of Education (DoE) Professional Learning providers.
  2. All State Government agency Professional Learning providers.
  3. Professional Associations with DoE membership.
  4. Organisations external to DoE/State Government in the following circumstances:
  • professional learning provided is available to DoE/State Government employees.
  • professional learning aligns with DoE strategic direction.
  • professional learning has been quality assured and is recommended by the appropriate DoE area or business unit.

The PLI venue is also available to all State Government agencies for meetings and special events by negotiation. For enquiries please contact Please note the venue is not available for job interviews.

In all cases PLI and DoE professional learning programs will take priority.

Booking Process:

  1. For all booking enquiries please contact
  2. Bookings made for the following calendar year will be confirmed by the first week in December.

Hire Charges:

  1. There is no venue hire cost for DoE users.
  2. Venue costs for Government Agencies, Professional Associations and External Providers:
  • $100 half day (up to 3.5 hours)

  • $200 per day (greater than 3.5 hours)

  • $50 half day for AV and Wi-Fi support

  • $100 full day for AV and Wi-Fi support

 Additional costs to engage contractors to set up rooms and/or hire equipment will be invoiced back to the user.

Process and Procedures

Program Descriptor

  • PLI Manager Strategy and Planning (MSP) will email a program descriptor template to relevant business units by the second week in October each year.
  • Co-ordinators are to complete all fields on the template and return to
  • Programs will be uploaded to the PLI website and added to the enrolment system within two weeks of submission.

Venue Booking & Catering

       DoE Using the PLI Enrolment System

  • PLI Administration staff will organise venue hire and confirm catering details.
  • If an offsite venue (other than the PLI) is booked prior to contacting the PLI, access to the enrolment system will be given, but the co-ordinator is responsible for organising catering, advising final numbers and liaising with the venue directly.
  • Cancellations less than 30 days before the start date of a program may result in a 50% venue hire fee (this excludes the PLI). This will be costed back to the Business Unit.

       DoE - Non Enrolment System and State Government

  • Email and advise, the need for the venue, dates required and participant numbers.
  • A booking form will be sent to the co-ordinator / user for completion and the PLI will make a pencil booking in the calendar.
  • The completion and return of this form will secure the booking. If the form is not returned within 10 working days the pencil booking may be cancelled. 
  • If catering is required this is the responsibility of the person making the booking (see catering guidelines for more detail).
  • The cost to hire the venue is outlined in the PLI Booking Guidelines – Policy
  • The use of the venue outside of the hours of 9am to 5pm weekdays is subject to staff availability. The PLI is closed on Public Holidays, Christmas (25th Dec – 1st January) and Easter (Good Friday to Easter Tuesday).

       External Organisations (Non-Government)

  • External Organisations wishing to deliver PL at the PLI will be directed to the appropriate DoE business unit area for quality assurance purposes.
  • The business unit will review and confirm quality, with their recommendation given to the PLI.
  • The PLI will then liaise with the organisation directly.

       Professional Associations

      Professional Associations may use the venue if DoE Membership is applicable.

  • Refer to steps outlined in DoE Non Enrolment System and State Government.

Program Enrolment

Co-ordinators will be given access to the PLI enrolment system and are responsible for:

  • Correspondence to participants and provision of all program materials. This includes emails reminding participants of upcoming session one week before the program start date.
  • Monitoring enrolment numbers. In the event that numbers are not viable for a program to run, a decision to cancel will need to made at least two weeks before the program start date and communicated to the PLI.
  • Advising the PLI if there are any additional numbers (i.e. presenters, observers) that are not included in the enrolments but need to be catered for.
  • Marking attendance at the completion of each session within the PLI enrolment system.  If the program is delivered at the PLI and the enrolment system was used the kiosk check-in function marks this automatically.
  • Sending surveys to participants if required. Surveys can be sent as an attachment using the email function from the enrolments system.
Please note: 
  • Enrolments close, 10 days prior to the first day of the session. 
  • We will do our best to accommodate late enrolments, however in some circumstances catering may not be able to be increased.

       External Enrolments

  • When a program is open to external participants (outside of DoE), they will not be able to enrol using the PLI enrolment system. The participant will email the co-ordinator advising of their interest to enrol and provide a billing address and dietary requirements. This communication will need to be forwarded to who will manually enrol the participant.

    If the expected external intake is more than 20, a spreadsheet is to be kept by the co-ordinator and forwarded to the PLI as one document with each person's name, email, billing address, contact phone number and dietary requirements, at least 10 days prior to the first day of the session.


  • The PLI are able to market DoE professional learning (PL). The MSP will liaise with co-ordinators to determine the marketing strategies, these include:
    • Infostream; Info calendar; Facebook; Learning News; Email to target audience (excludes Principals).
  • Marketing via Principal matters requires the co-ordinator to seek approval from the Deputy Secretary with approval forward to the PLI.  


Program Costs for Participants


  • The cost of a program is determined by the co-ordinator (PLI will provide support in determining appropriate cost if requested).
  • The PLI will process a journal to charge DoE participants within 10 days of enrolment.
  • The PLI will pay all costs associated with the PL (catering, venue and facilitator costs where applicable). The PLI will retain the balance.
  • If costs exceed the programs revenue by more than $1,000 the relevant Business Unit will be charged to recover these costs.

Onsite - Catering Guidelines

  • 4Lunch Catering are the PLI's onsite contract caterers.
  • Outside caterers are not permitted to cater for any event at the PLI (this is subject to 4Lunch being available for all dates and times of bookings).  
  • Participants may bring their own morning tea, lunch and/or afternoon tea. This is to be consumed in the learning space or outdoor areas.  
  • 4Lunch kitchen staff are not available to provide any service relating to this food (i.e. re-heating, plating, washing up etc.).
  • Access to coffee and tea is available in the dining room to all participants.
  • Where a booking is required to organise their own catering, it is to be done using the 4Lunch website, click on the PLI logo and enter in PLI as the password.
    Or by phoning 4Lunch directly on 1300 458 624 (all details on booking form).
  • Catering ordered from the 4Lunch website but not via the PLI link (menu) will receive their catering in cardboard trays and served in their room (learning space).
  • Catering required after hours or on weekends should be discussed in advance with the PLI and/or 4Lunch.
  • The PLI will order the morning tea and hearty lunch options unless advised otherwise.
  • Dietary requirements must be mentioned at the time of ordering and/or enrolment to avoid the risk of allergic food reactions.

Enrolment Policy

PLI programs are open to Department of Education employees.  In some circumstances, individuals from other organisations and agencies may be able to enrol in programs at a cost of $360 per participant per day.  Please contact to discuss this if you are interested in a program and are not employed by the Department of Education. Department of Education employees are given priority in enrolment.

Enrolment procedure

Enrolment in PLI programs is by application through the online process on the PLI website.

Enrolment must be supported by the applicant’s principal or supervisor.

When the enrolment is completed and accepted an automated confirmation email will be sent to applicant and principal or supervisor.

If enrolments for a program have reached capacity the applicant will be placed on a wait list and notified of this by email.

Schools and business units will be invoiced by the PLI within 10 days of enrolment confirmation.
Late enrolments
In most cases enrolments close 10 days prior to commencement of a program or first day of a course. Enrolments may not be accepted after the closing date.


Late withdrawal of enrolment from a PLI program impacts on program viability and the capacity of the PLI to offer the place to another participant.

Withdrawals less than a week from commencement of the program or course will incur full cost.

Withdrawal from a program should be made to the PLI Business Manager at 

If a participant fails to complete the entire program, the full program fee will still be charged.

Where relief has been paid but the program or course has not been completed in full, relief will be withdrawn.

Program Cancellation

A program or course will be cancelled if enrolments do not reach the viable number to ensure a high quality adult learning experience for participants. An email will be sent to any existing enrolments advising of the cancellation.

Participant expectations

Participation in PLI programs is an important investment in developing capacity, knowledge and skills.

There are certain expectations placed on participants in PLI programs to maximise learning outcomes, and include:

  • Commit to attend all program days for the full hours specified.
  • Actively engage in, and contribute to, all activities and program presentations.
  • Complete all elements of the program including reading, projects, action research, online components and other specified activities.
  • Complete all surveys administered by the program provider and an independent evaluator if requested, for the evaluation and ongoing improvement of the program and participant experience.
  • Participate in PLI evaluation surveys.
  • Permit photos or video taken of the participant during workshops/sessions be used by the Professional Learning Institute in its publications (including those made available for purchase), including newsletters, documents, presentations (including video presentations), displays, websites and professional development materials.
  • Permit feedback and responses provided by the participant to be used in the publications referenced above.


If the program or course attracts relief, this will be paid as part of your SRP funding.

Relief will only be paid:

  1. for school-based roles who use relief to cover the work of the participant while they attend the program.
  2. where relief is paid and a participant withdraws or does not complete a program or course, the relief will be withdrawn.

Articulation with University of Tasmania (UTAS) programs

Some programs or courses have a pathway to studies at UTAS. Successful completion of these PLI programs enable enrolment in UTAS courses where the PLI has a formal arrangement with UTAS. Assessment for the UTAS unit is set and assessed by UTAS staff. See PLI staff for more information.


The PLI places a priority on ensuring its clients are happy with the service it provides and get the most out of their learning opportunity. All feedback is welcome and can be addressed in the first instance to Director Professional Learning Institute on (03) 6165 5497.