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Quality Assurance

A rigorous process of development, delivery and evaluation has been created for all programs at the Professional Learning Institute.

The quality assurance process ensures programs are backed by current research in the field and designed and delivered according to adult learning principles. Evaluation and preview are core elements of the process to ensure all programs remain current and aligned to client and system needs.

Principles Quality Assurance.jpg

Focused - on the needs of the learner

Connected - to both the daily relational work of employees and to the future focussed aspects of school improvement

Evidence-driven - based upon learning data and grounded in current  and best-available theory and research

Collaborative - involving individual reflection, collective inquiry and the sharing of knowledge and skills

Sustained - is consistently supported through follow-up processes that scaffold new learning opportunities, developing personal and collective capabilities

Evaluated - uses multiple sources of information to measure that effectiveness of learning as part of a cycle of continual improvement

Valued - at the individual and collective levels through recognition, sharing and celebration