2019 – Art works – Visual Art Teacher Professional Learning @ Inveresk

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Art works – visual art teacher professional learning @ Inveresk holds space for visual art teachers to attend to their own creative practice as artists and teachers through a day dedicated to making and responding. Please see Program Flyer.

Our Art works program draws from national and international recommendations for best practice in visual arts teacher professional learning. These recommendations have been carefully considered in relation to participant feedback from previous visual arts professional learning initiatives in Tasmanian to enable teachers across Kinder -12 to enact a personally attuned balance of making and responding across the day.

The UNESCO Road Map for Arts Education (2010) tells us that teachers benefit from professional learning experiences which can enrich their teaching methods, and in-school projects that involve collaboration between artists, teachers and schools can cultivate powerful and transformative learning opportunities from and for all perspectives.

Art Works acknowledges the importance of teachers engaging in their own making and responding experiences, and always refers to the ways in which art ‘works’ to cultivate mindful, inclusive, accessible and culturally respectful and appropriate approaches to making meaning of the world, historically and into the future. When art teachers have the opportunity to engage in such collaborative professional learning experiences, art ‘works’ to enable discipline knowledge, skills, behaviours and dispositions to be fostered in ways that empower and connect across the curriculum.

Art Works offers a dedicated space within which teachers can instigate ongoing professional learning pathways with collaborators, where teachers can engage in reflection about their craft, and shape the direction and focus of content and activities they will take back to their classrooms.


Art Works is brought to you by the Tasmanian Art Teachers Association in collaboration with the University of Tasmania, the Department of Education and Professional Learning Institute

Participants in this program will:

  • Extend and share their pedagogic knowledge
  • Enrich their personal visual art practice
  • Enhance their confidence and competence in employing visual arts learning experiences
  • Explore ways to apply their expertise to contribute to and participate in the Tasmanian visual art teaching community
  • Share strategies to collaborate and advocate for the visual arts in schools.
  • Grow their professional network and cultivate peer/school collaborations

As part of your registration you will need to select four workshops.  There are 16 workshops on offer in four sessions across the day.  Here is the link to select your 4 workshops http://bit.ly/ArtsWorksPL_Workshops

For non DoE enrolments, please also complete Enrolment-form-External and email to pli@education.tas.gov.au 

For DoE staff please use the Enrol button to enrol in the course.

1 day workshop – 8.30am to 5.15pm

University of Tasmania School of Creative Arts and Media, Inveresk Campus, Launceston

Friday 22 November 2019


For Non DoE enrolments, please complete Enrolment-form-External and email to pli@education.tas.gov.au