Department of Education Science Week 2022-Mysterious Glass

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Quality Teaching
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Enrolments open 15 August 2022

Program Description

This CANVAS program offers teachers the resources to plan hands on experiments for the school theme ‘Glass: More than meets the eye’ for National Science Week in 2022.

The CANVAS Course will provide for teachers:

Teacher Notes- Information for teachers to develop a deep understanding about the big ideas of the chemistry of glass.

Unit Plan- The inquiry-based unit plan outlines for each year level:

  • the parts of the achievement standards addressed
  • the big ideas and key understanding addressed
  • guiding questions to support the planning, teaching and learning of the unit
  • learning intentions and success criteria
  • the general capabilities and cross curriculum priorities addressed
  • the learning experiences and assessment opportunities.

Teaching Resources- Activities based on the Australian Curriculum, covering chemical science content, safety and effective inquiry based instructional practices. The resources include activities for students to:

  • understand the properties of glass
  • investigating glass as a part of our sustainable future
  • conduct and analyse hands on glass experiments
  • Padlet for students to ask questions, answered by experts.

View the 2022-Science-Week-Flyer.

Program Outcomes

By engaging in this professional learning participants will:

  • gain deep knowledge of the attributes of a Science quality task
  • understand the chemical science strand of the P-6 Australian Curriculum: Science
  • plan interdisciplinary learning experiences that align across the three science strands focused on the essential knowledge, understandings, and skills in Science
  • plan assessment practice using achievement standard and rubrics to monitor and improve student outcomes.
Australian Professional Standards


Standard 1 – Know students and how they learn

Standard 2 – Know content and how to teach it

Standard 3 – Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning



Leading teaching and learning


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