Flourish – Principal Wellbeing Project

4 Day Program

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The Flourish Movement is a collaboration between Dr Adam Fraser, Deakin University Business School and local principals in Shoalhaven PPC NSW. The objective is to enhance the wellbeing and performance of school principals, as well as understand the demands of the role.

The project comprises two parts. Part one involves research into the role and responsibilities of participant principals and provides individual information back to each principal on their current challenges and wellbeing. Part two involves four full day face-to-face workshops over 12 months to help principals understand what they can do to enhance their wellbeing as well as be more effective in their role and develop habits that continue to foster and look after their physical and mental wellbeing in the longer term. There is behavioural support between workshops to ensure the learnings are embedded.

By the end of this program principals will:

  • Understand their wellbeing is a dynamic state and have resources and flexible strategies to meet their challenges
  • Understand that their wellbeing is on a continuum with flourishing at the top
  • Develop individual strategies that provide greater control and choice to focus their actions to improve their wellbeing and effectiveness as a principal
  • Develop a mindset that investing in their wellbeing makes them a more effective principal and improves student outcomes
  • Improve the culture at their school through an increase in social support and improved relationships


Developing self and others

4 Day Program – 9.00am – 3.30pm

Day 1 – Friday 15 March 2019 – Professional Learning Institute, Hobart

Day 2 – Thursday 13 June 2019 – paranaple Convention Centre, Devonport

Day 3 – Thursday 29 August 2019 – Professional Learning Institute, Hobart

Day 4 – Friday 8 November 2019 – The Tramsheds, Launceston