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Due to Covid-19 the Hardie Fellowship program 2021 has been suspended. At this stage the PLI anticipates that it will seek Expressions of Interest during 2022 for study in the United States in 2023, subject to government and health advice. The Professional Learning Institute will continue to monitor the situation through 2022.

More information will be forthcoming in 2022 (Expression of Interest)

DoE Update on International Travel Restrictions

International and interstate travel will continue to be restricted for Term 1 and Term 2 2022 due to the continuing risks presented by COVID-19.

The decision has been made to continue with our conservative approach to restricting students and staff travelling both interstate and internationally for work or school purposes in the first half of 2022. There are still a large number of risks and unknown factors that travelling in a COVID-19 environment presents. With the opening of state and international borders there is also uncertainty in relation to how we may be impacted more broadly by COVID-19. Until we are in a position where we can have more clarity on the situation and are able to mitigate these risks any travel remains a high risk activity.

PM Ed.71 – 29 November 2021