Health and Physical Education: Improving Pedagogical Practice

Learning Focus
Quality Teaching
Start Date
10 Aug, 2021
Enrol by
27 Jul, 2021
Program Description

Quality Health and Physical Education (H&PE) programs can be achieved with sound pedagogical practice.

The Department of Education’s A Pedagogical Framework outlines Five Key Teaching Practices:

  • Metacognition
  • Learning Intentions and Success Criteria
  • Feedback
  • Learners’ Agency and Collaboration
  • Questioning

This workshop will explore how they align with the propositions of the Australian Curriculum: H&PE and what this looks like in planning, practice and assessment.

Program Outcomes

Participants will:

  • increase their pedagogical content knowledge using the evidenced based practices of A Pedagogical Framework
  • understand the alignment between the Key Teaching Practices, the Propositions of the AC: H&PE and curriculum content
  • be able to plan for quality units that embed the Teaching Practices and Propositions
Australian Professional Standards


  • Standard 1 – Know students and how they learn
  • Standard 2 – Know content and how to teach it
  • Standard 3 – Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning
  • Standard 5 – Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning
Location, Date & Time

1 Day Program – 9:00 am to 3.00 pm

North-West – paranaple convention centre, Devonport

  • Tuesday 10 August 2021

North – Tailrace Centre, Launceston

  • Wednesday 11 August 2021

South – Professional Learning Institute

  • Thursday 12 August 2021