Open Online Learning Opportunities for Teachers and Teacher Leaders

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This list will be updated to regularly as further learning becomes available.

Early Years

  • The Early Years Foundations for Tasmania – Enrol here.
  • National Quality Standard (NQS) in Kindergarten – Enrol here

 Disability Specific Learning

First Aid

  • Thermometers have been purchased for schools/CFCs as an additional First Aid resource.
  • A recorded information session is available to view by clicking here. Principals and school staff are welcome to contact Nurse Managers if they have any questions.

Inclusive Workplaces

  • Cultural Competence Program – Enrol here
  • Extended Learning of gifted and highly able students – Enrol here


Working in an online environment

Teaching and Learning Centre

Further professional learning opportunities, co-ordinated by Curriculum Services are available at the Teaching and Learning Centre.