Manager Essentials Program

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The Manager Essentials Program (MEP) is a whole-of-service program designed and developed to increase the fundamental management capabilities of managers across the Tasmanian State Service. The program is for current managers who have management and supervisory responsibility.

The program is endorsed by the Head of the State Service and all Heads of Departments, as a commitment to identifying and developing current managers in the State Service.

MEP is delivered over eight months and consists of a half day orientation plus a series of four active learning modules as well as on-the-job learning activities.

Module 1 – Understanding self and developing others: the reflective mindset.

Module 2 – Understanding Government and Governance

Module 3 – Managing People

Module 4 – Creating a Positive Work Environment

Target Audience

The program is aimed at mid-level managers (Band 6, 7 and 8) or equivalent roles that have responsibilities for the full range of management functions (people, budgets, resources), including having team members with at least 4-8 direct reports.

It is essential that participants are current managers.

More information see attached Fact Sheet for Manager Essentials Programs and/or contact Stephanie Hickey at the PLI

The program will:

  • enhance the State Service core management capabilities, so that the Service is well positioned to meet its current and future requirements
  • provide a consistent approach and understanding to management practices
  • provide an integrated learning pathway and prepare managers (frontline, middle and senior) for future management roles
  • equip State Service managers to manage, support and develop people and lead their teams
  • offer good value for money, and provide credible and knowledgeable program facilitators
  • have a compelling and well-defined learning approach that meet participants and government management skills requirements with excellence
  • be a unique Tasmanian context program for managers from across all agencies and authorities.

Registration is via the Tasmanian Training Consortium (TTC).

Numbers are limited. Registration must be endorsed by line mangers/business unit head.

This is a statewide program.  For location, dates and registration click here


Program Cost

The cost for the full program is $1500 per participant. This includes a Genos 360 assessment.

More information see attached Fact Sheet for Manager Essentials Programs and/or contact Stephanie Hickey at the PLI