Swimming and Water Safety Program Requalification Workshop

Learning Focus
Swimming Program
Start Date
9 Feb, 2022
Enrol by
26 Jan, 2022
Program Description

This program is compulsory for Health & Physical Education Teachers who are Teachers in Charge (TIC) for their school Swimming & Water Safety Program and are required to requalify each year. It is compulsory for all AUSTSWIM Teachers who teach on the program and are employed and paid by the Department of Education.

The program includes:

  • Keynote Speaker Rachel Brennemo speaking on progressing from recognised to efficient technique
  •  CPR practical and theory assessment
  •  Perform basic water rescue practical and theory assessment
  •  Program procedure updates
  • Class Teacher Resources
  •  Moderation Examples and introduction of new handbook
  • Boat Safety Stage 1 and 2

Please follow the instructions provided by the attached guideline for the Swim Teacher Rescue Award/Bronze Medallion Award Online Course. This is a new initiative for 2022 and will replace the Swim Teacher Workbook that has been necessary in past years. On the completion of this online course, you will be provided with a completion certificate that is to be forwarded to brontebaines@royaltas.com.au by Tuesday 1st February 2022.

All AUSTSWIM and HPE teachers must complete the Swim Teacher Rescue Award/Bronze Medallion Award Online Course prior to attending the workshop. Royal Life will again be offering the opportunity for participants to complete their Bronze Medallion qualification. Please select the relevant course number for the course and region you wish to enrol in.

In 2019 all schools with a Year 3-5 cohort received a copy of The Swimming and Lifesaving Manual that supports the qualifications. If you are unable to locate your schools copy please contact your regional coordinator for loan of a manual.

Education Department Instructions SWSP 2022

Program Outcomes

Participants are aware of updates to the Swimming & Water Safety Program and have successfully completed the practical and theory components required to teach Department of Education Swimming & Water Safety programs.

Australian Professional Standards


Standard 2 – Know content and how to teach it

Standard 3 – Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning

Standard 4 – Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments

Standard 6 – Engage in professional learning

Standard 7 – Engage professionally with colleagues, parents/carers and the community

Location, Date & Time

1 Day Program


Wednesday 9 February 2021

  • 8.30am – 12.30pm – Blundstone Arena, Bellerive
  • 1.20pm – 3:20pm – Clarence Aquatic Centre, Montagu Bay


Thursday 10 February 2021

  • 8.30am – 12.30pm Tailrace Centre, Launceston
  • 1.20pm – 3.30pm Launceston Aquatic Centre, Launceston

North – West

Friday 11 February 2021

  • 8.30am – 12.30pm  – East Ulverstone Primary School, Ulverstone
  • 1pm – 3pm – East Ulverstone Swim Centre, Ulverstone