Teacher Assistant Development Program – Diploma in Education Support 2022

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Program Description

This Teacher Assistant Development Program is specifically designed to support the growth and development of Teacher Assistants (TAs) by providing a clear pathway to study a Diploma in Education Support.

This is a study opportunity available to TAs who have permanent employment status with DoE. The study is in partnership with the University of Tasmania (UTAS) and when successfully completed results in a Diploma of Education Support.

The Diploma qualification provides Teacher Assistants with career opportunities as Education Support Specialists (ESS) in the Department. The study is linked to the More Support in Prep Initiative.

The coursework commences in February 2022 (Semester 1 of the UTAS academic year) with the aim to complete the qualification by July 2023. There are 8 units to be completed, however if a Teacher Assistant holds a Certificate III in Education Support, a credit of up to 2 units may be considered resulting in only 6 units of study to complete the Diploma.

Participating Teacher Assistants are supported by the Department while they undertake the coursework required. This includes course fees and release during work hours to attend a combination of weekly and/or fortnightly tutorials.

The program commences with an online welcome and orientation session  scheduled for in February 2022.

Enrolment is through an Expression of Interest (EOI) process closing on 15th November, 2021.

Submit the EOI Application Form to: workforce.development@education.tas.gov.au

Program Outcomes

Successful completion of the qualification results in a Diploma in Education Support.

The Diploma course provides a pathway on to the Associate Degree in Education Support, which is recognised as the first year of a Bachelor of Education.