Teaching reading and writing within the disciplines – Inquiry Learning Partnership

Learning Focus
Australian Curriculum
Start Date
1 Nov, 2022
Enrol by
18 Oct, 2022
Program Description

The transition from primary to secondary school can be challenging for students. Texts become more complex, the ideas they need to communicate become more abstract, and the content more technical and specialized. And, it is through writing that discipline content knowledge is assessed. So, reading and writing well in the disciplines is crucial. Each discipline has developed specific ways of communicating knowledge through writing. In two face-to-face-workshops, participants will work with texts specific and authentic to the disciplines English and Science. Lessons will be modelled, and support given to participants to plan text focussed reading and writing lessons to trial in their classrooms and receive feedback upon in online sessions.

Schools are encouraged to enrol their Quality Teaching Coach – Literacy and teachers of Science and English.
On each day, Misty will work with English texts for half the day and science texts for the other half. Participants have the option of attending both sessions with Misty, or attending a half day workshop focussed on reviewing curriculum plans in response to the revised Australian Curriculum version 9.0. PEOs for English and Science, Michelle Paternoster and Rosemary Anderson, will facilitate these.

Program Outcomes

Participants will:

  • deepen their knowledge of discipline specific texts
  • learn strategies to support students to read and write discipline specific texts
  • be supported to apply this learning in their classroom teaching.
Australian Professional Standards


Standard 1 – Know students and how they learn

Standard 2 – Know content and how to teach it

Standard 3 – Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning

Standard 5 – Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning

Standard 6 – Engage in professional learning

Standard 7 – Engage professionally with colleagues, parents/carers and the community



Leading teaching and learning


Location, Date & Time

This 4 day program will be delivered via two face-to-face and two online sessions

Enrolling in this program is a commitment to participate in all 4 sessions.

The link to the online meeting platform will be sent to participants prior to the sessions.


South – 9:00am – 4:00pm

Day 1 –  Thursday 3 November, 2022 – Professional Learning Institute – Glenorchy

Day 2 – Thursday 17  November, 2022 – Professional Learning Institute – Glenorchy

Day 3–  Wednesday 23 November, 2022- 3:15pm – 4:30pm- Online

Day 4–  Wednesday 7 December, 2022- 3:15pm – 4:30pm- Online


North-West – 9:00am – 4:00pm

Day 1 – Tuesday 1 November , 2022 – paranaple convention centre

Day 2 – Tuesday 15 November, 2022 – paranaple convention centre

Day 3–  Wednesday 23 November, 2022- 3:15pm – 4:30pm- Online

Day 4–  Wednesday 7 December, 2022- 3:15pm – 4:30pm- Online