Using Quality Literature to improve writing outcomes – an Inquiry Learning Partnership

Learning Focus
Australian Curriculum
Start Date
21 Feb, 2022
Enrol by
7 Feb, 2022
Program Description

This series of workshops introduces participants to an integrated approach to teaching literacy that uses quality literature to teach both reading and writing. Working with authentic children’s literature increases engagement and enjoyment and gives real purpose to learning.

The presenter will model lessons that provide a high challenge, high support environment where particular attention is paid to teaching knowledge about language (grammar) explicitly but in the context of well-written literature. Through close observation of authors’ choices, and discussion of the impact of those choices, students learn the craft of writing. The aim is to give the students skills, and to ensure the thrill of writing remains.

Participants build their skills in the workshops, apply these in their classrooms and receive feedback. In a final symposium day, participants share their experiences working with the pedagogy.

Program Outcomes

To increase capacity of teachers to plan for, teach and assess the craft of writing in the primary years.

Australian Professional Standards


Standard 1 – Know students and how they learn

Standard 2 – Know content and how to teach it

Standard 3 – Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning

Standard 5 – Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning

Standard 6 – Engage in professional learning

Standard 7 – Engage professionally with colleagues, parents/carers and the community


Leading teaching and learning

Developing self and others

Leading improvement, innovation and change

Location, Date & Time

7 Day Program

North – 9:00am – 4:00pm

  • Monday 21 February 2022 – Tailrace Centre, Launceston
  •  Thursday 7 April 2022 – Tailrace Centre, Launceston

North-West – 9:00am – 4:00pm

  • Wednesday 23 February 2022 –Burnie Arts & Function Centre, Burnie
  • Wednesday 6 April 2022 – Burnie Arts & Function Centre, Burnie

South – 9:00am – 4:00pm 

  • Friday 25 February 2022 – Professional Learning Institute, Glenorchy
  • Monday 4 April 2022 – Blundstone Arena – Bellerive

Online – 3:15pm – 4:30pm

  • Tuesday 8 March 2022
  • Tuesday 22 March 2022
  • Monday 2 May 2022
  • Tuesday 30 August 2022

The link to the meeting platform will be sent to participants prior to the sessions.