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Digital-Portfolio.jpg​Digital Horizons

"What does it mean to lead a school in the 21st Century? To have a clear vision, combine strong pedagogy with evolving technology, to be a learner, to be innovative, to connect. Through the PLI our school has undertaken a range of Professional Learning opportunities that have shaped our thinking and trajectory for the future. The quality of the digital leadership programs on offer and the links to current thinking and innovations have enabled us to connect with some of the most influential minds in education today.  I would highly recommend the digital leadership suite of courses available through the PLI to any school and leadership team wanting to embed innovative practice throughout their school."

 Ted Barrance, Principal, Tasman District School




We have heard of Blended and Flipped Learning, we know about Digital Literacy and the SAMR model for task design.  But what is next?  What is on the Digital Horizon?  This program will capture and share not only best practice, but next practice.

This program will enable educators and leaders to build on their existing digital leadership and identify new trends and directions for their school as a model for others across our department.

Participants will be presented with a range of new and emerging digital frameworks for classes, inquiries and schools.  Participants will select one from the list or an area of research such as New Pedagogies for Deep Learning, and will be supported through resources, monitoring and coaching to understand and implement their digital horizon in their context.


Course Structure

Learning Outcomes

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