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​Family Partnership Model applied to Educational Leadership


 Program Description

This course is designed specifically for those in educational leadership positions. It will enable participants to explore and understand components of the Family Partnership Model (Day, Ellis & Harris, 2014) and the theoretical concepts which underpin the model. The course will also explore the application of the Family Partnership Model in the context of the various levels of relationships which educational leaders experience. These include relationships with parents, community, collegial team relationships, and supervisory relationships.

This three day program is linked to the 2018 – 2021 Strategic Plan and supports the successful implementation of the plan by supporting our commitment, values, goals and priorities.

Participants may have previously completed Family Partnership Model – Foundation Course, but it is not a prerequisite for enrolment in this program. However if you have previously completed the FPM this program will provide opportunities to revisit the components of FPM as well as consider its application in the educational leadership role.


Australian Professional Standards

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