Building Intercultural Understanding in Your School

1 Day Session

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Would you like your learners to develop empathy, respect and awareness of others?

This workshop will focus on building intercultural understanding in your school by:· considering the special qualities and needs within your school context
· unpacking the Australian Curriculum Intercultural Understanding general capability
· embedding the Intercultural Understanding general capability into learning opportunities and environments

Non-DoE Enrolments –

Please complete the attached External – Enrolment – Form and email the form to

As a result of engaging in this program, participants will:

-Know how to use the general capability continuum to inform building Intercultural Understanding in their school

-Understand that a strong and respectful school culture is enabled by developing greater Intercultural Understanding

-Create purposeful intercultural understanding learning opportunities for their context

-Build a community to collaborate, share ideas, problem solve and celebrate with colleagues across the state


Standard 1 – Know students and how they learn

Standard 2 – Know content and how to teach it

Standard 3 – Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning

Standard 4 – Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments

Standard 6 – Engage in professional learning

Standard 7 – Engage professionally with colleagues, parents/carers and the community



Leading teaching and learning

Developing self and others

Leading improvement, innovation and change

Leading the management of the school

Engaging and working with the community

Day 1 Program – 9:00am – 3:30pm

South – Sustainability Learning Centre

Monday 31 May 2021

West Coast – West-Coast Community Service Hub, Queenstown

Tuesday 8 June 2021 – 9:00am – 3:30pm