Mentoring for Principals and CFLC Leaders

Learning Focus
Start Date

Available anytime

Program Description

Initiated through the Principal Wellbeing Action Plan, Mentoring will continue to be available for principals, acting principals and CFLC leaders wishing to engage a mentor.

Mentoring is focused on more general ‘agenda less’, timely conversations around the day-to-day experience of the role, as opposed to the coaching and improvement-focused advice that the School Improvement Team provides.

Mentors and mentees are matched based on needs, interests and expertise. The matching process is facilitated by an experienced independent provider, Human Link. This has been requested to eliminate any perceived conflict of interest or bias.

A high-quality pool of mentors from recently retired principals and system leaders has been established. These mentors have been provided professional learning and training to ensure they provide a quality service.

Principals and Centre Leaders can access up to 20 hours of mentoring across the year, and applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.

Please feel free to contact Principal Wellbeing Leader with any clarifications or queries.

Program Outcomes

The intended benefits for school principals and centre leaders are:

  • Opportunity to connect with experienced colleagues for informal and conversational support
  • Reduced professional isolation
  • Additional transitioning into the role support for new and acting principals
  • New opportunities to share expertise and experience
Application Process

Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis.

Principals and Centre Leaders wishing to apply for a mentor need to complete the Mentee Application Form.

Leaders will receive confirmation of receipt of your application within one business day.