NAPLAN Reporting – Power BI Technical Walkthrough

Learning Focus
School Improvement
Start Date
25 Oct, 2021
Enrol by
18 Oct, 2021
Program Description

This online session caters for educators and leaders at all levels. The session includes a technical demonstration of Microsoft Power BI features such a navigation, filtering, exporting, and printing.

The NAPLAN Power BI Report is designed to assist with the interpretation of NAPLAN assessment results, to assist whole-school monitoring and reviewing of student summary scores. The report also provides users with a summary of students’ performance at an item level.

Program Outcomes

Participants will:

  • gain an understanding of Microsoft Power BI as a reporting tool
  • be able to retrieve for specific views of their school and students’ data depending on their need
  • gain an understanding and be able to interpret NAPLAN measures.
Australian Professional Standards


Developing self and others

Location, Date & Time

This one hour session will be delivered online, please only enrol in one option.

The link to the meeting platform will be sent to participants prior to the sessions.

Online Session –  3:30pm – 4:30pm

  • Monday 18 October 2021
  • Tuesday 19 October 2021
  • Monday 25 October 2021
  • Tuesday 26 October 2021