Your Wellbeing and Supporting Others (Intermediate and Masterclass)

Learning Focus
Support and Wellbeing
Start Date
7 Aug, 2024
Enrol by
31 Jul, 2024
Program Description

Principal Capability Framework (PCF): S3, K6.


Building on your foundational wellbeing knowledge, this webinar aims to further demystify mental health and wellbeing. This interactive session will shine a light on understanding and promoting awareness on the topic of mental health and wellbeing, help you to put in place further strategies to support yourself and your colleagues, family, friends and communities.


With a focus on building your wellbeing, this session aims to provide a higher-level self-care toolkit by exploring individual and collective recovery. The focus on this session will be to explore the practical strategies we currently draw upon to protect ourselves and others, and where there is further room for growth.

Program Outcomes

Participants will be equipped with knowledge on wellbeing for themselves and those they lead and the clear actions to take to improve wellbeing.

Topics include:


  • Understanding mental health and wellbeing at a more advanced level
  • Creating an awareness of early signs and symptoms
  • Understanding strategies, frameworks and resources


  • Building a greater understanding and awareness of individual wellbeing
  • Reflecting on existing strategies and identifying room for growth
  • Exploring the seven pillars of recovery, and how they can build personal resilience
Australian Professional Standards


  • Developing self and others
Location, Date & Time

One-hour online webinar – 9:45am – 10:45am


  • Wednesday, 07 August 2024 


  •  Tuesday 20 August 2024